The Saugeen Triathlon Club

On a cold and snowy spring night in 2007 a group of interested athletes met in one of theconference rooms at the Hanover Regional Aquatic Centre. The meeting was called by Lynda Magor and supported by the Town of Hanover’s Recreation Department and its’ head Sherri Walden. The idea of the meeting was two fold.

 First, Lynda and Sherri wanted to see if there was sufficient interest in starting a multisport organization. Lynda was an experienced triathlete and coach. Sherri was to provide the support throught the town’s recreation department. Second, Lynda had already been running an eight week triathlon training program for children with the support of Sherri and her department. They wanted to see if they could use their experience with that program to create an organization to bring like-minded athletes together to training and advance multisport in the area.

 A group of around 30 interested people showed up for the very first meeting of what would eventually become the Saugeen Triathlon Club. The interest came from all over the Grey Bruce Region. After laying out their vision of the proposed organization, Lynda and Sherri led a robust discussion of ideas and how those ideas would be realised and fit into the initial vision. The meeting ended with a commitment from many at that first meeting to attend a second meeting that would attempt to actually form the club.

 A few weeks later, a group of people dedicated to actually forming what would become the STC met to begin building the foundation for the club. After appointing the new organization’s first officers, those in attendance choice the name “The Saugeen Triathlon” to reflect the area in which the new club would operate. In addition to Lynda Magor, other currently-active members that sat on that first STC board of management were Kristi McCracken, Gary Ghent, Chad Conaway and Dawn Conaway

 For the remainder of 2007, the STC operated under the Town Of Hanover’s Recreation and Department. With roughly 15 members, the STC sent James Schmidt and Kristi McCracken as the club’s very first community coaches, a requirement of the club provincial governing body, the Ontario Association Of Triathletes (OAT). With the support of the club’s members, the inaugural leaders of the STC forged forward with a number of training workouts each week and many ideas that gave birth to the STC as it is today.

 Through the hard work and organizational skills of the club’s members, 2008 saw the STC become its’ own independent organization as it left the umbrella provided by the Recreation Department of the Town Of Hanover. The STC membership rose to over 20 that year and the club launched it’s virtual club house on the internet. The club also trained more community coaches to accommodate the increase in membership and the growing number of club workouts. The STC ended that second year with the club’s first year-end banquet to celebrate the club’s growing popularity and successes. Still run by a board management, the STC would enter 2009 with many more changes and continued growth.

 Entering its’ second full year under a board of management, the STC entered 2009 with even more members, as the over 40 people joined the club. More coaches were needed to lead the increasing number of club workouts. The club ordered its’ first custom club clothing, which sold out. The STC also introduced its’ first Club Cards for members to use for discounts at a number of club sponsors. The STC’s year-end banquet introduced the club’s very first member’s awards to recognize the huge increase in the activities of the club’s members and their hard work

 Under the direction of OAT, the STC elected its’ very first Board Of Directors and appointed it’s first Executive in 2010. The first formal officers of the STC included John Elvidge as President, Danica Metcalfe as President-Elect, and Christelle Smith and Alaina Swain shared duties as Secretary/Treasurer. Directors included Anne McCutcheon and Jamie Graham. This year also marked a doubling of the STC’s membership, as over 60 multisport athletes filled the club’s ranks. More community coaches were trained by OAT for the club, as the club scheduled formal and informal training workouts throughout its’catchment area to service members. The STC now offered formal and informal club workouts everyday of the week in season. As well, the club introduced two very successful Mega Training Days in the spring of 2010. The year-end banquet saw close to 70 people celebrate the STC’s success. The biggest project for this year was the introduction of the STC’s new youth program, The Saugeen Surge. Under the direction of STC head coach Lynda Magor, the club welcomed youth 12 years-old to 17 years-old to train for Kids Of Steel events and introduce multisport to a new generation of athletes. In just four years the STC had grown to beyond even the most optimistic dreams at the that first meeting in the spring 2007.

 Today, under the leadership of STC president Danica Metcalfe, the club is growing again. Multisport athletes – triathletes, duathletes, runner, cyclist, swimmers – from Owen Sound to Mount Forest, and Walkerton to Markdale call the STC home. The spring of 2011 saw the club conduct four Mega Training Days, and two spring Swim Clinics for its’ athletes, As well, the STC runs four Run/Walk Clinic in Mount Forest, Hanover, Durham and Flesherton.

 The STC’s membership includes multi-Iroman finishers, world class age-group triathletes, marathoners, and ultra-runners. The club’s motto is “Where Tri’n Together Is Fun”. Many of the club’s members race and compete on a regular basis and some just like to train – all are achieving their personal bests. The strength of the STC has always been the club’s desire to be open and inclusive, welcoming members of all ages, athletic interests and abilities interested in triathlon, duathlon, running, cycling or swimming.

 The STC holds many social events throughout the year and welcomes all interested athletes. Fun, Fitness and Personals Bests – that’s the Saugeen Triathlon Club.