Training Programs

Run Clinic

STC Run clinics provide participants with the tools, knowledge, and network to achieve their personal running goals. Our clinics accommodate all ability levels from beginner to seasoned veteran. 


Cycling Time Trials

Workouts from May to September challenge members to improve their cycling speed and stamina from week to week. Members choose from, and are timed on 16, 20, or 25 km marked courses.


Track Practice 

Our members develop running speed and strength through weekly track / hill workouts. Speed and interval workouts are done on the track, where runners can refine their form, and regulate their pace. Strength is developed through monthly hill sessions. 


Winter Spin Sessions

In the winter, our members join together to maintain their cycling strength and fitness through group spin sessions. The energy of this group workout helps keep members engaged in their training and involved with the club in the offseason.


Swim Clinic

In the past, the STC has offered members the opportunity to sign up for swim clinics at the Hanover Aquatics Centre, where they have had specific instruction on stroke correction, technique-focused swimming drills, and principles of proper swim training.